Schools of excellence is a Pioneer in Abacus Education in India operating from 9 years at different locations as many training centers with different names. Now we merged these different centers in the form of Schools Of Excellence because it serves excellence to students in many states, cities of Country through its unique brain development program.

Founder of Schools of Excellence, Mrs. Jyoti having strong experience in education sector and reputed management colleges like UEI Global and our Training & Distribution Head is a Certified NLP Practitioner from American University Of NLP and Certified Life Coach who designed Study material, Advertising, Marketing material, Training method and apart this we have R&D team who research and develop new concept and ideas for betterment and excellence in our courses.

Schools of excellence with the background of 9 years of success in the development of products in Abacus education, Vedic Maths, Brain development and unique strategies in marketing, the concept of Abacus based Arithmetic calculations has been able to bring in a revolution in the field by innovating and involving abacus tool.

We are not a publisher like other. in fact, we are Trainers with strong foundation of training. Our strength is our Training (Process, Program, and Method). We are expert to provide training to trainers that How to find out learning strategy of your students for easy, effective teaching& better results. Once you know the learning strategy of your students, it is very easy to feed any thought or idea in their mind. We Provide this specialized training with each course to our franchisers at free of cost for their personal excellence.

We use NLP techniques to design our curriculum, study material, improve effectiveness of training for our channel partners and students, Brain development techniques, Right brain activation, and improve visualization, Marketing and advertisement techniques. Our NLP based designed module differentiate us than other Abacus companies.

We remove all type of fear of student like (fear of exams, fear of any subjects, fear of unknown, fear of future, fear of bad memories and anticipatory fear of “what the day will bring”), We remove the hesitation, Shy nature.We improve Personality physically as well as mentally with Leadership skills, Behavioral skills, Anger and Stress management, Body language and Time management skills and providing solution for overall skills improvement programs.

Our courses are designed for students in the age group of 5-20 years of age. Our courses promote whole brain development by stimulating both sides of brain along with enhancement in skills which leads to greater confidence in students to succeed in school curriculum & also in all walks of life.

For every question to be answered correctly, children have to listen to the sum that is being read and concentrate on it so as to visualize it in their mind. This becomes a habit when exercised regularly throughout the abacus training for a period of 2 and half years. It applies to all subjects by imbibing better listening skills.

While a child visualize the questions on the imaginary abacus after listening to it, they have to apply logic to do the proper movement of beads in the mind. This ability also helps the kids to apply logics in various situations and even in real-life scenarios

 Schools of Excellence have specialized program in legible writing, specialized program in Math’s, Comprehensive course curriculum, highly skilled faculty, World Renowned Training Methodology.