Here is an opportunity for you to be a self-entrepreneur& become a franchisee of Schools of Excellence for their skill development programs and this opportunity enables you to be the boss of your own business. The more effort you put the more you benefit. You can provide employment to others. 

There are advantages in buying a franchise rather than buying or starting an independent business. Some of them are like- 

Association with a well-established, reputed brand of product or service.,  Initial and continuous management training., Access to established standard procedures, operating guidelines & control mechanisms.,  Avoiding the unnecessary trial & error period in starting & operating a new business.,  Lower financial risk, compared to other ventures. Because, investment costs are lower & profit margins are higher,  Business format franchising complete packages ensure a ready to go franchised unit.,  The franchisee has an opportunity to run a proven business with a successful operational track record.,  The opportunity to learn the latest developments and changes in the local & global market from the franchiser and focus entirely on generating revenues.,  The benefit of operating under a recognized trade name / trade mark which can have better marketing results.

           The potential for these programs are tremendous as it is the wish of every parent in the country to develop the skills of their children and make them competitive to face the competition of the future. Considering the present child population in our country which is more than 250 million, these programs have huge demand and hence huge potential for excellent income in every City / Town / District of the country.

We are providing our Franchisees in all parts of India in several categories like:

  • State Master Franchisee.
  • Master Franchisee.
  • District Franchisee
  • Centre Franchisee.

Who can be Our Franchisee?

  • Master Franchisee: Excellent business opportunity for enterprising individuals with zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to succeed in life. It is Suitable for people from all business backgrounds.
  • Franchisee: Anybody with passion, love, zeal and desire to associate with children and take pride in their development can become Franchisees. It is ideally suited for
  • Play Schools and Pre Schools
  • Schools
  • Educated Housewives
  • School Teachers
  • College Students
  • Home tuition centers
  • VRS People
  • Part-Time job seekers

We provide our Franchisee at a very affordable cost where you can gain extreme profits with very low investments. You just have to pay a very small Franchise fees against which you will be provided with following things like:

  • We train the teaching staff.
  • We provide best class of learning material.
  • Branding Designs.
  • Better management techniques for office.
  • Proper demonstration classes for continuous business.
  • Good amount of gains at very low investments.

Why Schools Of Excellence

We are not a publisher like others who appoint franchisee for selling their study material like books etc. and also charge royalty and don’t take responsibility for return of your investment or your business. There is many companies in market with purpose of their own profit. After appoint a franchisee their interest is only their royalty and kit selling not in your return of investment while you expect to more returns than investment. Our franchisees are not a money producing instrument for us, they all are the family members of Schools Of Excellence and we take responsibility of their business growth and returns of investment.

Schools Of Excellence understand value of your money, investment. We are group of trainers and have strong experience of operating training centers. In this long journey of education or training field, we have seen a lot of up n downs in running training centers, so we know very well, How to face competitors, How to grow students and How to make our center more profitable than others with a lot of money and social fame along with maintain the quality of education.

Our strength is our NLP based training (Program, Process, Method), which make Schools of Excellence a real world of excellence. We provide our special training to our franchisee with our course training for improve effectiveness of your training skills, for serving excellence to students. Our other strength are our unique and ultimate Marketing and Advertising strategy which is incredible, we are champion of Social media for promotion our product or center.

It is the time of innovation. How much you can earn is directly depend on How innovative you are, How much creative thinking u have, how much you believe in experiments and How much NEW do u have. If you always have a NEW then opportunity is unlimited and that is what we do for you. We have own team of Research & Development who always ready to provide you New.   This NEW gives you new ideas, New technology, New advertising design, New marketing tips, Social media tips, New business growing tips, tips for break all business competition, Provide best class of learning material according to trend, Tips to enroll maximum students, Tips to collect students data for more business, Train the teaching staff, Counseling training, Better management technique for office, Training for managing the class room, Conduct each level examination and certification.

So why are you waiting? Come and join the revolution and upcoming world will be yours.