Abacus is a brain development program based on mental arithmetic concept.  Abacus is a method of mental calculation using beads at highly accelerated speed. This abacus training will help the child to improve the ability to do calculations as fast as calculator. This abacus program consists of 8 levels. Each level lasts for 3 months. The training sessions are conducted once in a Week for two hours.
The name Abacus is derives from the Greek word ˜ABAX” meaning table or board covered with dust. It is generally assumed that the origin of abacus is in Middle East in The Middle Age Period. An Abacus is an ancient computing methodology developed in CHINA where students learn to solve Arithmetic problems like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, LCM, GCD, Decimals, Percentages, Square root, Cube roots, and negative numbers using a simple instrument called Abacus.

 Human brain consists of 2 parts namely :       1. Left Brain                            2. Right Brain

Left Brain remembers facts, most of the student use this brain. Right brain is more powerful it remembers pictures. Through Abacus this Right brain gets activated which leads to the enrichment of student in their studies and more concentration, memory, self-confidence, judgment, logical, analytical & reasoning ability, visualization, creativity can be   increased highly.

 Abacus Brain Development Program trains children in the art of mental arithmetic using ABACUS as a tool for doing calculation. (Abacus is an instrument used in ancient china, to solve all arithmetic problems within seconds) – Mental arithmetic is a process where pupils are able to visualize the “ABACUS” in their mind and carry out complex Mathematical problems including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Schools Of Excellence conduct exam of each level and provide certificate.

Benefits of Abacus Learning

  • Remove fear of Mathematics
  • Better Grades In School
  • Improve Photographic Memory & Visualization
  • Improve creativity & self confidence
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Amazing Computational Ability
  • Discipline, Patience, and Mental Endurance
  • Develops Memory Power, Speed and Accuracy
  • Superior Concentration, Observation, and Listening Skills
  • All round Academic Proficiency