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Maths Expert is a advance Vedic Math program. It is a short term program than Vedic Maths and cover all important content of Vedic Maths. Maths Expert save your time and give full knowledge of arithmetic calculation. It is very useful program for IIT, B.Tech, SSC,UPSC and all competitive exams which include arithmetic. It is also useful for students from 6th standard to 12th. Maths Expert include 300 questions of General Knowledge with different actors mimicry , which is easy to learn and remember. Anyone buy it online from Schools Of Excellence and learn at your own home and be  a Maths Expert or you can join us as a franchisee and run this course at your centre or home as online or offline classes.

Syllabus of  Maths Expert:

  • 100 Vedic math tricks for faster calculations
  • Fast math tricks in Hindi(Complete trick)
  • Learn 1 to 100 times tables in a few minutes final
  • Square and Square root final
  • Be Human Calculator
  • G.K. 300 questions
  • Magic square
  • Square 3 digit number

Benefit for Students:

  • Provide full knowledge of Vedic Math
  • Time saving through selected content
  • Improve general knowledge with math
  • Improve overall academic performance
  • Remove fear of calculation
  • Develop mental calculation tendency