Schools of Excellence is a group of trainers. We introduce ourselves as “Educationists” – We have been educating people for about quite many years now. Our strength is our training process through NLP techniques because we are a group of NLP Practitioner.

In our journey as educationists we have noticed a fear of Maths prevailing in our country, the fear is inherent in children of all age groups alike, hence we thought of going to the root of the fear. We found that there is a misguided approach that is prevalent in our country concerning Maths. Grasping Maths is far more, easier if we get acquainted with it from the very beginning in the guidance of able mentors. We continuously surge to become those mentors!

We wish to prepare the next generation for the challenges they would face in their future lives. Our courses are specially designed to cater to the needs of school going kids in the age group of five to twenty years of age.

There are different types of courses to choose from, for individual students along with, special packages and crash courses for schools who wish to train their students using these amazing techniques.

Schools of excellence  is India’s fastest growing Abacus training Center. We have a talent pool of Abacus and Vedic Maths Experts and as mentioned earlier the team is being headed by an able leadership who are the exponents of the Training Sector. Having trained thousands of students in these unique mental math techniques, we wish to be the industry leaders in propagating education through franchise business opportunities. With an existing network of franchisees spread in many states of our country, we are well on our way to become the largest education franchisee network of our nation.

So whether it is the need to enhance the mental math skills of your child with our training, or whether you have an urge to start your own business venture, give us a call today for more information and get started.