Schools Of Excellence provide world class training of Abacus. Best study material, Best and unique features with proven marketing strategy, So why do you think a lot, Start your own Abacus centre with Schools Of Excellence. http://ssofexcellence.com/abacus/


Visualization not only enables winning ability through speed, i.e. less time taken for a calculation but also takes the Abacus user into a mental plane which is a unique move from physical to mental plane.Better visualization process through Schools Of Excellence Abacus – Digital makes photographic memory much stronger. In the mental plane again, when the object is clear, the distraction becomes nil . The abacus calculation through visualization therefore takes the child during the process to a state of total concentration. Schools Of Excellence Abacus – Digital enables stronger focus through better scope to concentrate.

The children are trained to visualize the abacus and move imaginary beads in their mind when the sums are read out to them. By continuous practice, they learn to visualize and imagine whatever has been taught, like diagrams in biology, maps in geography or any other subject, it also applies to activities other than studies.

Visual Processing, or perceptual, disorders refer to a reduced ability to properly process information observed by the eye. These hindrances affect how the brain interprets and processes visual information. Signs of visual perceptual deficits include short attention span, delayed motor perceptual ability, high frustration levels, and more. Visual motor integration, that is, the ability to use visual cues to guide one’s movements, is a common area of difficulty. This area includes both fine motor and gross motor skills.

People with difficulty with visual motor integration often have difficulty orienting themselves in space, particularly in relation to other people and objects. These people are commonly referred to as ‘clumsy’ because they tend to bump into things, or place objects near table edges where they can easily fall off, poor visual motor integration can interfere with virtually all aspects of a person’s life including social, professional, academic, and athletic.

Visual Perception Training

Because no two people share the same visual perception strength or weaknesses, effective training requires methods tailored to each person’s individual needs. Successful training requires focusing on particular characteristics associated with visual perception, including:

Spatial Relation

Visual Discrimination

Visual Closure

Eye-Hand Coordination 


Schools of Excellence provide world class training for Abacus. Schools Of Excellence launched an Anzan Software to improve visualization and concentration of students up to highest level. Schools Of Excellence is first and only company, provide concept of Abacus Smart Class.We combined meditation process in Abacus to improve effectiveness and easy to learn.

Schools Of Excellence brings a wonderful opportunity to start your own training centre. Join hands with World’s leading “Abacus” organization and help to create a successful career.

To Know More About Abacus

Benefits Of Abacus

Schools Of Excellence

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